A Society for training to needy students in the field of Electronics and Instrumentation

Your Involvement

Different people have shown interest in our work. This centre has also been designed with a little specialty. There are many other institutes and centres where different certificate/vocational/professional courses are available. We also encourage these types of works. But there is not much attempt to take up activities which we are addressing in our centre. To accommodate the young school students has really some difficulties and also some possibilities. New ideas as well as new infrastructure should be incorporated regarding its implementation and style of functioning. We try to provide exposure for the young students to grow their interest which will be useful for them in future. We believe that, one may also check, memories of the young ages sometimes become very memorable and inspiring throughout the whole life for us. For the seniors, may be it is irrelevant, but if you allow me, I just say that whatever we are saying and doing, one of our major attention should go to encourage the young in the technical field. Its importance is related even to our future. Many other problems for which we are talking about at the higher level will be solved automatically. Anyway, I should restrain myself from this irrelevant discussion at this point. For such discussions have different places, occasions and purpose. I am attaching one file at the end of this section to get some ideas about the functioning of our programme. For our training there is no such specific course structure. Along with our proposition, we will try to adjust with the requirements of the students. This centre may run with the help of young students, their parents and teachers through its different branch offices. This a also a major reason, unlike a commercial structure, (though there is also the possibility for this) the activity is being carried out in the form of a society where other persons from different sectors may participate. Generally we do not take any fees from the students. In our homely environment, we can accommodate around 50 students per year from our different branches at this initial stage. It is also expected this number may increase in course of time. We have also designed our programme in such a way that many persons may extend this activity according to their own choices.

We communicate people of different sectors at different times. In the following section we will mention categorically our purpose for communication. Basically our programme is self sponsored and we try not to accept any such donation. We accept donation only by offering some services. Though it is also true that sometimes we request some persons/organisations to sponsor some items necessary to create facilities for this programme. In the following section we mention our reason to communicate people.

  • We approach different persons to write few words as a message for our students which will be helpful and encouraging for the students. Different design ideas may also be discussed with its possibility for application indicating every steps for its realization i.e involvement of money, manpower, loss-profit, government rules etc. This is also a good way to share ideas

As mentioned, we do not like to accept any flat donation. Budget of the centre is quite low. We encourage other people to carry this type of activity through different centres/institutes/business organisations with higher budget. We will help them to organise their centre. For this centre we accept donation only from those who are being benefited from this society. We have a little confidence that we will be able to run this centre, if all the members/associated persons take a little care in this regard.

In the following we mention different ways to extend our services to get some fund as donation for this programme. Except our self contribution this help us to run this centre. These services also help us to check our ides commercially.

  • We approach people to offer our services from our centre against some fees which my be treated as their donation for this centre. There are many services as mentioned in other service section, which may be useful for the individual to different organsations.
  • There is a sponsor page in our website where we can post the advertisement for different companies/organization against some fees as donation.
  • To know others work and also as a part of our activity we visit different website of different companies/orgnaisation with our students. We have selected some website. We will take some fund for inclusion of the website of any companies.
  • We accept fund from the persons/organisation who are being benefited by any ideas/product/write-ups from our centre. Some people approaches us spontaneously to sponsor fund. Sometimes we also encourage.
  • Any companies/organization may be associated with us as collaborator. That may be decided through careful negotiation.
  • Companies/organization may initiate awards for our students with their name. Fund may be fixed deposited and interest earned will be used for the award. In any case if we become unable to run the centre, the deposited fund may be transferred to the respective organisation. A little fund may be expected for our centre for this purpose.
  • Companies/organizations may initiate some added activities/programmes in our centre along with our regular training course. They can initiate some certificate courses etc. for which little fund as donation is expected. They may use our infrastructure for their use.

By providing such services we get some fund. Sharing our resources and infrastructure may also help us in this regard. We will adjust our scale of execution with the fund that we will get. We have a little plan to approach different government sectors to acquire a little office space for this centre. We hope anyone will understand our position.

Our Appeal

In gist, this non-profitable academic programme is purely related to the education of the needy students of our society. Its objective, outcome, mode of operation, style of functioning and source of fund etc. have been mentioned in detail as far as possible. Basically this is a self sponsored, low budget programme. Apart from our regular teaching and research we try to do this work. Around 50 students may be trained in our homely environment every year. But we believe that except the training of 50 students, some of our ideas may be useful to develop a general awareness in the field of electronics and instrumentation of our society. In that sense our activity has a broader meaning. To run our centre not much fund is required. Except our own fund we accept donation against some services from this centre. Sometimes we approach people to sponsor different items necessary to create facilities for this educational programme. Some persons and organisations also helped us in this regard. As mentioned, for our centre we do not ask people to donate fund. Also there is no such need of doing that. But always I will request all the resourced persons, business persons and organisations to encourage the technical education of our young generation to equip their hands whenever it is possible. Some others may take initiation to set up different technical training centres/institutes. This may be treated as our appeal in general. In course of time its impact may be discussed.