A Society for training to needy students in the field of Electronics and Instrumentation

From the President

Being engaged in teaching and research in the University it is not always possible to interact outside though there is sufficient scope to meet frequently my students, friends and other people of different sectors who are quite established and well reputed in their profession at National and International level. Like others I also share discussions on different problems of our society like unemployment, illiteracy etc. Sometime I feel there is a scope to extend our understanding and practical application of electronics and instrumentation to address some issues as mentioned. General awareness, interaction of people from different sectors may be helpful in this regard. Instrumentation and associated technology has a major role to control the present socio-economic scenario. Someone may be little surprised but it is my belief that even its role in literature and other branches of humanities can not be ignored if it is properly discussed. Within my limitation I started to address different possibilities of this field. Some of these ideas are available in my site, http://www.nbmanik.in/consulttancywork.html and other works may be provided if so required. It is my pleasure to say that many people have expressed their satisfaction over this attempt. Some of them get some ideas to initiate some work from these views, as acknowledged by them. I also think that in future this attempt will be effective since some of the ideas have sufficient market/business potential even with few crores turnover and also equal social impact in national and international scenario.

Initially, as mentioned I was happy just by addressing different possibilities, designs of some instruments and preparing some notes/write ups in this field.People were appreciating. I was also enjoying. Time was passing. Everything was going fine. But some of my friends/students express their dissatisfaction to go only with this attempt since there was no such scope for any practical exposure from our side. Students/beginners needed some practical exposure in this field. I started to think over this issue. I found some justification about their observation. This really motivated us to set up this centre. Actually it was not true that I was not aware of this fact. But one should also remember his limitation and the associated difficulties and troubles to carry out such programme. Anyway, now let us move to the field.

Development of instruments means precise application of our knowledge to take command on our nature and of course to develop a comfortable society with greater economic growth to make life easy, smooth, stable and secured. Without the progress in this field development of the society will definitely be hampered. Practice of instrumentation is also a form to express our intellect. It may also be a good hobby to pass our time joyfully irrespective of our age, gender and education. Research, development, maintenance and other issues related to instruments play an important role in the commercial market and thereby control our daily life. Due to the recent development of science and technology, particularly in the nano regime, a tremendous change is expected in this field. Cost effective, power saving miniaturized design with different new sensors and actuators may be introduced in future instruments. It is our observation that in spite of having sufficient knowledge and skill there are difficulties to exploit it commercially. Different types of new business/applications are not being set up as expected. Desired results will not come unless attention is being paid in this direction. With other sectors, the role of the business persons is important. There is not much scope to address these problems in our regular course work. This is a major reason for which along with our regular training we will give stress on different business/applications aspects related to this field for the cultivation of instrumentation.

Before I conclude I would like to recapitulate again that instrumentation and technology play a major role in our everyday life. Its importance in personal to social life, related economical aspects and other issues like administrative, law-order or even the national and international relation may also be relevant for discussions to grow interest among the students. Business is needed and for that one should know what things are required and where from and how those things may come. Generally the commercial and financial theories which deals various aspects of business, also do not address the varieties of business structures in this field to guide one in setting up new business incorporating its various aspects. It is also challenging, even to a policy maker, to formulate the suitable policy to face this technical world along with its emotional counterpart. It is interesting to note that the GDP is increasing along with the increase of dollar to rupees ratio of our country. Attempt to address the problem accordingly is meaningful. Discussion for adaptation or selection from a high budget to low scale home industry suitable for individual is also useful. They may get ideas to introduce new areas of application even with the existing skill and money available in the market.

Considering all the above aspects we have tried set up a small training centre where some needy students can get some scope to nurture different ideas as well as there will be also a scope to exchange views of experienced persons as a general awareness among the common people in this field. The young boys/girls from different sectors, particularly, those who are not getting scope for formal education and are not aware of the subjects like electronics-instrumentation for which laboratory/instrumental facility is essential. Members of my research group particularly who have already completed their work assured me that they will also help in this regard by giving free lectures/training etc. It will be highly appreciated if you kindly extend your kind hand to organize this centre. In any case I hope I will not be deprived from your well wish for its smooth running. Please go the menu 'About Us' to see our specific activity, mode of operation, budget and requirement of the centre.

All the legal and social aspects have been considered with great care. Different suggestions from your side will definitely be appreciated. I hope you will enjoy our activity, its motives, objectives and style. I like to conclude with the expectation that you will be kind enough to extend your hands if so required. To find some of my other works, one may spend a few minutes to visit my website : www.nbmanik.in