A Society for training to needy students in the field of Electronics and Instrumentation

Other Services

  • Manufacturing: Fabrication of some instruments

  • Design: To design some new instrument

  • Repairing: Repairing some instruments

  • Consultancy: Help to up new type small business

  • Our writing: Books, Journals, Articles etc

  • Library facility:

  • Others services: Some other services may also be available as mentioned in, http://www.nbmanik.in/consulttancywork.html

Different instruments that has been designed and also some ideas of applications mentioned ( http://www.nbmanik.in/instrumentsdesigned.html ) in consultancies of the site of N. B. Manik may also be used to get some fund to run this centre.

Some of our letters/communication for our services

In this section some of our letter in connection with different services and communication are mentioend so that one can get some idea of our functioning. The main idea or mission of this centre is to promote technical particularly in the field of electronics and instrumentation. We work accordingly with some training programme to grow interest among the young students, to publish some periodicals to discuss different possibilities of this field and also initiate discussion to remove different difficulties in connection with the practical application of this field. Apart from these from this centre we try to prepare different notes/write ups, different new designs, seminars. Through our different services we also try to encourage and also contribute in this field.

Instead of mentioning different services we think it will be effective if we mention some of our letter in connection of our services. I hope one may find some idea of our work.

Some of our communications and letters mentioned
  • Letter 1.  Issued to a Fan manufacturer with  a request to incorporate one feature in his product.
  • Letter 2. Designing a pulsed electronic hamper for a thin film sample preparation
  • List 3. List of our different services