A Society for training to needy students in the field of Electronics and Instrumentation

Course Material

Our centre, since its inception is working with the idea of encouraging the young students to grow their interest in electronics and instrumentation which will be useful for all of us. In this section we will try to upload few materials which we have prepared for the children. Our main objective is to encourage the young students in the field of electronics and also to grow a general awareness of the common people in this field. As a part of general awareness we will highlight different aspects of electronics and also talk about different value added services. We will consider those activities as the secondary aspect of our centre. As the primary activity we will concentrate on the training and teaching section of the interested students in this field.

In our centre we devise many such experiments suitable for children at different levels. More than hundred experiments in different areas are divided in junior and senior levels. We will send the instruction sheet along with the components needed to do the experiments. We have designed few experiments suitable for the juniors who are not at all familiar with electronics. Some other experiments are also set up for the seniors and in some cases these experiments have sufficient potential for commercial applications.

Basic experiments like Light Emitting Diode (LED), solar cell, photodiode, optical fibre, remote control of electronic toys, electromagnet, mobile charger using mechanical energy by applying dynamo principle, measurement and control of light and temperature, may be enjoyable for children. They will also like our presentation of different discoveries that have changed our ideas about this world.

There are expert persons who advise us at different levels to modify, incorporate our experiments. Constantly we are getting inspiration from them.

In the following section few experiments are attached. Due to space limit it will not be possible to upload more files. From the few materials, one may be able to see our activities. It will be highly appreciated if any one come and help us to design and develop few more experiments which will be suitable for the young students to develop their technical skill and awareness in the field of electronics and instrumentation.