A Society for training to needy students in the field of Electronics and Instrumentation

Visitor's Remarks

It is our great pleasure to receive feedback from our visitors which encourage us. Some of these remarks are mentioned below.

Few words about the centre and also the associated work

Sujata Chakrabarty, Ph. D Student, Department of Physics, Jadavpur University.
After going through this site and related links I come to know the various works of Dr. N.B.Manik and also the establishment of a scientific society by his team, I have been very enthusiastic about the whole endeavour. Before dotting this write-up, I have deeply gone through the following details:

  • Academic Record of Dr. Manik
  • Teaching and Research activity of Dr. Manik
  • His work for the society, plan and execution to culture instruments

From the very beginning, there has been a consistency in the work of Dr. Manik. His year-wise activity shows that he has always been in the quest of gathering scientific knowledge. He has always tried to apply his ideas for the betterment of the society. Overcoming his busy work schedule, he has been in a constant endeavour to develop something which would help people to lead a better life and also to understand its better meaning. The scientific society that he has built is a fruit of his above work. He and his team have put enough sensitive thinking into this project. The society would provide a platform to people from various walks of life, may they be small kids enthusiastic about science, or businessmen or educationists or leaders of the society. All would find something beneficial for them in this work of him.
After understanding the work I think that it is really praiseworthy. His group/society has the capability to do numerous work, some of them are:

  • To develop cost effective and environment friendly instruments for the society which would decrease industrial hazards.
  • To provide technical training needy and under-privileged students so that they can equip themselves and find a platform to express their ideas.
  • To provide ideas to different policy makers of higher order.
  • To train small kids on scientific knowledge for their betterment in future.
  • To provide a platform for educated youths to showcase their scientific talents.

It appears to me that in his work there is a strong motivation and people will benefited. I believe that some of the services of this group will be beneficial for the society. I, therefore, encourage people to come forward and join hands in this noble endeavour so that we all can take it forward.

Ashok Kumar Nanjundan, Researcher, Dublin 2, IRELAND .
…………and your words and work impress me and I respect your deep thinking. Your works are so sound that it will surely bring an impact to people who read it.
I will read more and will call you soon.
Best from me as always...

……………Fantastic Dada. I am so happy to see your personal website.
I am sure it will attract more visitors in the near future and will help spread your valuable message and teaching.

Prashanth Menezes , Scientist, Germany
I read your project proposal and am thrilled to know about your innovative concept of educating young students. I see that you have already designed various instruments and I am sure the pupils will learn a lot from you.
I still remember the time (probably a couple of years ago) when you were telling me about this idea of educating students. Within a short time you have achieved a lot and I wish you all the best for your center.
And in your challenging path of educating students, if I could be any help, let me know.
Best wishes,

Surjeet Singh , Professor, Pune
I read the whole of your write up with great interest. I think you have implemented some very good ideas and I see that you are turning your dreams into realities. Frankly speaking, I am quite impressed by the initiative that you have taken towards progress of our society via science and technology -I would say a very original idea which has never been tried before.
Hirale Somashaker Jeevan, Scientist, Germany
This is good……….

Soumyanetra Chowdhury, doing job in IT Sector
First of all i would like to congratulate you for your work. It is good to hear that you have already started this project at its new address..
" A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step "... so I hope you will also continue your journey for a long time and get success at every moment.
lots of best wishes for you.... Hope to join with you in your work as early as possible if i get chance, as you know i have interest in this field specially in "Analog electronics, Communications, Digital signal processing and Microprocessor based designing".
All the Best for your generous start up.
Thanks and Regards

Dr D R Prasada Raju, Scientist-G/Adviser, DST, India
Dear Dr. Manik, Thanks for the mail. It is nice to know of your launching Instrumentation Study Centre for the benefit of students. I appreciate your idea and efforts in establishing the same thus providing an opportunity to lean more. I wish you all the best in your endeavours and great success in this regard.

Arunabha De, Business Person
I personally like the idea of spreading practical knowledge for the development of our youths which will ultimately strengthen the entire society.
I was also deeply involved in science club movement when I was student of class X. We spent a lot of time in project making, organizing science exhibitions & science awareness - for years.
Today we are running a small scale scientific instruments company where 15 persons are working. So your effort will positively help needy youths as today no such effort is seen.

Antara Mitra, Lecturer, Humanities
it is really thoughtful of u to have made such an honest and judicious attempt for the needy students who remain deprived and ignorant in logically applying their knowledge and giving it a proper shape for the welfare of the society. New research areas in the field of Instrumentation Science should not only be explored but it should be developed as much as possible and your venturesome attempt will surely fetch the desired success in this respect. Have my best wishes and regards...More when we meet.

Saikat Adhikari, Business Person
I go through your links; it's really a wonderful endeavour for future business aspects as well as for society. I think, I shall make a structure that will be effective and beneficial for a business which gives a combine positive aspect for society, trade & development that is based on your theme. Presently I am involved in some corporate projects; in the mean time I shall try to create a region where the necessity of you is essential; then I should exchange your views with a suitable corporate deal. Sir, I must keep in touch with you but in these respect.

Bimal Jyoti Sengupta, Retd/ G.S.I
The field of Electronics and Instrumentation has a wide role in the modern field of science. It seems to me that there is a scope for small literature and books which are related to these subjects will stimulate interest to the young students to take up the study seriously. I suggest that set up will be such along with practical classes there should some theoretical studies and with the help of suitable personalities who have wide knowledge of such related fields should be engaged to solve critical problems and proposals for wide interest. I pray for the success of the institution.

Sudipta Lahiri, Retd/ Geological Survey of India (Rtd)
Dr. B.J.Sengupta told me about your Center's activities which is a praiseworthy attempt May I place my humble observations on the issue: The dual crises of energy depletion and unemployment that the society is facing at the turn of the millennium have compelled us looking for escape routes.The tremendous development in instrumentation and miniaturisation in design of electronic sensors have given mankind immense flexibility and dexterity in finding solution to these systemic problems that are inter related and interdependent. The endeavour of Instrumentation Study Center in imbibing awareness and innovative spirit among young students would be a great leap towards this goal

Our response to some remarks of the visitors

In this section we will try to respond to some of the remarks of the visitors. Due to different work load sometime it is not possible to respond to the visitors individually, though very carefully we gone through their observations. We have also tried to clarify every aspects in detail about its motive, mode of operation, source of fund etc. We hope any one will understand our view. If possible we will try to respond to few remarks. we will also try to preserve some of our communication which we do frequently.

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