A Society for training to needy students in the field of Electronics and Instrumentation

Instruments designed

The following section shows the list of our few designs. These designs cover many areas as mentioned in our expertise section. We can help users to develop instruments as per their requirements. This list can help to get some idea about our designs. Basically these instruments are designed by Dr. Manik.

Control of light intensity in a closed chamber Rotating vacuum system Microprocessor based stepper motorcontroller for robotic action

  • Continuous type temperature control system.
  • Design of a bath type optical cryostat.
  • Level meter for liquid nitrogen.
  • Low Temperature Digital Thermometer.
  • Computer Controlled x – y Recorder and I – V Ploter.
  • Continuous Flow Type Optical Cryostat.
  • Cold Junction Compensation Technique for Thermocouple.
  • Continuous Liquid Level Meter By Using opto – Sensor.
  • General Purpose Capacitance Meter
  • Null Detector
  • Control of light intensity in a closed chamber
  • Photovoltaic Measurement System
  • Construction and Calibration of a Low Temperature Diode Thermometer.
  • Calibration of nonlinear signal : Development of continuous liquid level meter by using opto- Sensor
  • Calibration and display technique of a nonlinear signal and a computer based low temperature measurement system using thermocouple sensor
  • Computer controlled device for 2-axis mechanical revolution with stepper motor - sensor
  • Temperature measurement at remote distance through wireless communication; concept of instrumentation via Ethernet card for different laboratories - sensor